Are Weak Hip Behind Lower Back Pain?

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Lower back pain is a serious problem that plagues most Americans and keeps them up at night. Just walk down the aisle of any drugstore, and you’ll see products promising to fix your aching back. But the real solution to lower back pain isn’t more lotions, pills, or massages. It’s more enigmatic than that — it’s hip strength.

This article is for you if you’re an athlete who relies on solid hips. If you want to prevent lower back pain, it’s also for you.

Your Hip Muscles Are The Foundation Of Movement and Strength.

Do you know why? Well, Because they’re the source of your power. and they’re powerful!

The engines drive your movement and transfer forces from upper to lower through your spine, whether you’re jumping off a diving board or running to catch a bus. But if your hips aren’t strong enough, all that power can be wasted -and you might end up with a sore lower back instead.

No other joint in the body is worked as hard as the hip. It’s the connection point for our lower-body muscles and can tremendously impact your performance.

Here are five reasons why hip strength is so important:

1) Hip strength prevents pain by taking pressure off your lower back. When you squat, lunge, or deadlift, your hips are the engine that drives the movement. If they’re weak or not stable, then so are your power and performance

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2) Hip strength improves athletic performance by improving power output and more efficient transfer of force.

3) Hip strength supports mobility and flexibility in your joints by acting as a fulcrum for your movements.

4) Hip strength is critical to overall fitness and health because it improves posture and alignment while preventing injury making the fitness program progress more efficiently and less prone to injuries.

5) Hip strength helps prevent injuries in non-athletic activities like walking up stairs or carrying groceries

Can I Self assess my Hip Strength?

Of Course, You can! Here are three DYI assessments you can do at home

1. Active Straight leg assessment:

The straight leg assessment is a simple test that can help determine if you have a weak psoas. To perform this test, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. While keeping your lower back flat against the floor, lift one leg up until it’s about 45 degrees from touching the ground. If you can’t hold your leg there for at least 5 seconds without any pain or discomfort, then your hip flexors are likely the reason behind your lower back pain.

2. Supine Thomas assessment:

The Thomas Test assesses tightness in the hip flexors ( Psoas)and knee extensors ( Rectus Femoris). Lie on your back, grab one knee toward your chest and extend the other to the floor. If your extended knee is elevated, your hip flexors and knee extensors are tight.

3. Squat assessment:

The squat is one of the most common ways to assess hip mobility and strength. To perform this test, slowly lower yourself into a full squat with arms at your sides until your thighs are parallel to the ground. If you cannot get low enough without pain or discomfort, your flexibility or strength may be an issue—or both! A squat assessment can also help determine whether your hips are tight or weak.

What Does This Mean To you?

If you are looking to prevent injuries, improve athletic performance, and become more flexible, it’s time to start looking at the root cause of the problem, Your Hips!

In The End

When it comes to the all-too-prevalent issue of lower back pain and injury, there are a lot of different elements in play. It’s perfectly understandable for fitness-minded people to ask themselves: “What is the best exercise to keep my lower back healthy, strong, and flexible?” The short answer? Any exercise that keeps your hip muscles strong and flexible will help.

Let me know How your DYI went or heavy any questions regarding this article.

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